2. Ask about the problems they are working to solve and determine whether that work seems fulfilling to you. I have been working in retail for 6 years and I just got an offer for overnight pharmacist at a community hospital in a small town. Careers Making the move from community to hospital pharmacy is notoriously difficult but Paulash Haider did just that. Clinical directors love to see that you have experience dosing vancomycin and Coumadin, can adeptly assess patient charts, and interpret laboratory values. He explains how and why he made the leap For Paulash Haider (pictured far right), an advanced specialist clinical pharmacist at Scunthorpe General Hospital, careers advice for pharmacists is a continual source of annoyance. With a diploma and certification, you’ll enter the job market ready to pursue pharmacy technician roles in retail or hospital settings—whichever interests you most. Press J to jump to the feed. This means that the expected salary of a pharmacy technician varies greatly depending on education, experience, and work setting. Acquire additional clinically relevant skills. Also, there seemed to be more opportunities with nursing - pharmacy is pretty much just retail, clinical, and industry. Perspective from Both Worlds. Vocational schools and community colleges offer accredited pharmacy technician training programs that typically last between nine and twelve months. 's for patients, injections, breathing medications, chemo drugs, and so forth. That is not true at all. Also, I've heard that networking and knowing pharmacists in the hospital you apply for gives you a better chance of getting in the door. Hospital pharmacists can also rise to managerial positions. The NOCE Pharmacy Technician Program is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Watch a video to learn what a pharmacy technician does. Hospital Pharmacy Technician Resume Examples Hospital Pharmacy Technicians procure, manufacture, dispense, and provide safe administration of medicines. With the expanding role of a pharmacy technician in a pharmacy, you are expected to complete several tasks in a day in an efficient manner. These can include evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays, particularly in facilities that are open 24 hours a day such as hospitals and some community pharmacies. To anyone who may be in the same boat, I am a C.Ph.T. A pharmacy technician works primarily in a retail and hospital setting. Besides networking, my credentials, and my retail experience, don't know what else I can show. Posting here to follow and check back on comments since I am also looking at making a similar transition after 10 years of retail. If you get an interview, make sure you talk about about building rapport with customers, and how you think that skill will be useful in building relationships with your new customers in a hospital, which will likely be nursing staff and other members of the team. After experiencing both the retail and hospital environment, she prefers hospital pharmacy. You have to convince the pharmacy director that your clinical knowledge is not outdated, and you can do this by showing a commitment to continuing to grow your clinical knowledge even while serving recently in the retail setting. Most pharmacy technicians, about 70 – 75%, start out in the retail sector as pharmacy technicians until they gain 1 -2 years of experience then become certified by passing the national PTCB exam www.ptcb.org, once you become certified volunteer part-time at a hospital to get hospital experience, eventually if the pharmacy manager likes you he or she may decide to hire you at the hospital. I also am a previous pharmacy tech, now turned nursing student. Unfortunately, some hospitals will trash your resume if you don't meet the qualifications of hospital work, especially if they have other candidates who do. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you work at the Inpatient Pharmacy it'll be dealing with 24 hour medication carts (different packaging), I.V. with 1.5 years retail experience and obtained a national IV training certificate from TSHSP, but I'm still having difficulty winning an interview with any hospitals. A pharmacy technician assists a licensed pharmacist in filling prescription medication to individuals and health care professionals by measuring the quantity of the prescription and providing the packaging and labeling of the medication. A subscription to any Letter from TRC Healthcare includes our CE/CME library.Courses include: CE/CME-in-the-Letter - our most popular! Are you looking to transition to another area of pharmacy practice? Our team is led by a pharmacist who is also a highly-respected and recruiter-endorsed certified professional resume writer. Experienced Pharmacy Technician drawing upon solid knowledge of brand and generic drugs to ensure accuracy in drug dispensing. MTM certification is becoming more popular, and I think every pharmacist should look into it. There are a few factors that are standing in your way: the job market in general, the fact that retail and clinical practice are vastly different, and most pharmacy directors will simply toss your resume if it’s too retail-centric. Interested in having Dr. Brown speak to your pharmacy class or organization? Salary estimates are based on 24,385 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Retail Pharmacy Technician employees. This ensures payments are processed promptly. PHARMACY TECHNICIAN. Homestudy CE/CME monographs on hot topics; Live CE/CME webinars with expert advice I'm doing everything I can to get out of retail. (I work at a 500 bed hospital in Las Vegas). Is your current pharmacist job not cutting it? I was a pharmacy technician in a hospital for 2 years and then was promoted to an application specialist. To work in a hospital pharmacy you must complete your pharmacy technician training from … As hospital pharmacists are progressively moving away from non-clinical dispensing and medicine supply roles and transitioning to clinical and patient-centred roles, the need to utilise the pharmacy technician workforce is required to support advancing hospital pharmacy services. There are a few factors that are standing in your way: the job market in general, the fact that retail and clinical practice are vastly different, and most pharmacy directors will simply toss your resume if it’s too retail-centric. The retail pharmacy is a great way for the new Pharmacy Tech to gain very valuable work experience, however, if you decide to eventually work your way into a hospital pharmacy, the position will provide you with a higher salary. Episode 158: Career transitions within pharmacy – from community (retail) to hospital pharmacist and from staff to clinical pharmacist January 23, 2017 by Pharmacy Joe 11 Comments In this episode, I’ll discuss how to transition from community (retail) to hospital … Take as many CEs as you can on clinically relevant topics. Once you have completed your training, obtain a position at a retail pharmacy. Retail technicians can assist with MTM services, and mail order technicians can help ensure the correct medications reach patients who may be transitioning from hospital to home care. Tips for Transitioning to Hospital Pharmacy From Retail. Although a few states do require retail pharmacy technicians to be certified and trained, majority do not. It's a great job, but the high-pressure working environment, frequent chaos, management pressure, and often irrational requests from patients are simply not everyone's cup of tea. On average, a retail pharmacy technician fills around 200 prescriptions per day, by comparison, a hospital pharmacy technician might be expected to fill over 1000 individual doses of medications which are given to nurses to be administered to patients. Unlike retail pharmacists, hospital pharmacy technicians interact with doctors and nurses more than the public. Daily Tasks - Retail Pharmacy. I have to drive a little long (1hr) but I am overly excited about this opportunity because I know how hard it is to transition from retail to hospital. Pharmacist transition from retail to hospital. I have zero hospital experience. A subreddit for Techs of all stripes to talk about their work, answer questions, and share information. To become a hospital pharmacy technician, earn a registered pharmacy technician certificate. Obviously mention your certs, and be sure to mention if you used any any other technology in your externship, like Pyxis, Omnicell, Meditech, etc. They are very hardened to the job and are often snappy at customers, and I don't wish to follow the same path. I have worked for nearly 20 years in retail pharmacy as a pharmacist. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the PharmacyTechnician community, Continue browsing in r/PharmacyTechnician. The two most common environments are inpatient and outpatient, more commonly known as hospital and retail respectively. Pharmacy technicians are essential to the day-to-day operations of any pharmacy, nursing home or hospital. In the wild world of pharmaceuticals, a pharmacy technician plays a vital role in any setting. The prescription is either called in verbally, electronically prescribed, or written. Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Look for additional certifications that you can acquire through places like the APhA. In this article, we will analyze the similarities and differences between retail and hospital pharmacy. To become a hospital pharmacy technician, earn a registered pharmacy technician certificate. Working in a retail pharmacy is a great beginning for a pharmacy technician. We have had people do that at my facility in the past. I've worked retail pharmacy exclusively since before I went to pharmacy school. Hospital Pharmacy Technician PRN Resume Examples & Samples Assists the Pharmacist in filling prescription orders, as permitted by the State Boards of Pharmacy Takes inventory, places orders, checks in drugs and supplies, stocks shelves and removes out-of-date items from the inventory Ask them about the negative aspects of the field along the way. Before we move further, it’s important to understand that a pharmacy technician is always supervised by the pharmacist he works with. Submitting your outdated, retail-centric resume to a clinical position is an exercise in futility. Keen attention to detail complemented by superb communications skills; fluent in English and Spanish. Pharmacy technician trainees usually earn between minimum wage and $42,000 a year. For some pharmacists, the thinking is that “once retail, always retail” or “once hospital, always hospital. If you didn’t identify a single pharmacy career that intrigued you, consider options outside of pharmacy. One thing that will help avoid being branded as solely a retail pharmacist is by showing that you have obtained additional, relevant clinical skills. ” But the fact of the matter is that many pharmacists work successfully in both realms, OR have managed to transition from one to the other. With an accomplishment-focused pharmacist resume, you can help neutralize part of the inherent disadvantage of the retail to clinical transition. Hospital pharmacy technicians who take on additional responsibilities can earn up to $56,000. As a pharmacy technician, you’ll help your retail or hospital-based pharmacy run effectively. Working night time is not a problem. If you work at the Outpatient Pharmacy in the hospital it's just like retail, you'll deal with insurance information, prescriptions, filling orders, answering phones, and so forth. It may not be the slow paced environment that many of us remember from the “old days”. Following what I’ve outlined above will help ensure you transition is a success. 2003 Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) There are plenty of opportunities to land a Hospital Pharmacy Technician job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. Can I be blunt? Transitioning from retail to clinical is a challenge, but it’s not insurmountable. If you aren’t too far removed from school, you should be focusing on the clinical rotations you did. Before Aliya Smith, PharmD, landed a position at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, a few years ago, she worked at a major chain drugstore. With an accomplishment-focused pharmacist resume, you can help neutralize part of the inherent disadvantage of the retail to clinical transition.