Most of the smartphones sold in the domestic market support the BDS positioning function, and smartphones supporting high-precision applications have been launched. Make sure to help your captain or walk the plank (it?s cause Beidou is a pirate). With the best Genshin Impact character build, Beidou can hit even harder and help increase DMG Absorption. (World Defenders), apex legends time :0 happy new years sxy demons, Game News: Silent Hill Creator Has A New Horror Game Coming In 2023, JoLang Reaction to 10 Songs Atomic Cities – New Year's edition "New Year", New Area Revealed + MORE Free Wishes: Genshin Impact 1.2 News, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – How Warzone is Changing. Having a hard time getting those kinds of electro proc numbers. Updated December 30, 2020, IMPORTANT TIP: There are 2 ways to use E1. The 2 dont work well together. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Gale Romance and Weave Scene | Baldur's Gate 3, Cyberpunk 2077 | Adam Smasher Boss Fight (Hard Difficulty), The Medium Gameplay Demo NEW (2021) Xbox Series X/PC, ADIVINA LA SKIN – FORTNITE x AMONG US | tusadivi, Rogue Coaching – Half A Dance Andy – EP.2- Shadowlands Guide 9.0- World of Warcraft, 7k Arena Points (New Season) On New Xbox Series X, Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 11 – Oswald Forrest (PS5). Beidou is amazing <3. They just tell their crewmates what to do so their job gets easier. AR50 F2P woes lmao, Me: finally Now you will understand why she’s my waifu. by Remilia Grim. Cyberpunk 2077 : PS5 (version PS4) vs PC !!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. by 2Board PSA #1: A DPS is the captain of a pirate crew. #44, E184 – Legendhame, War Grizzly Bears try 2 – Villain Update Fortress – Dwarf Fortress, New Weapons, Artifacts, and FREE WISHES: Genshin Impact 1.2 News, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -OUTRIDER-, Unbeatable Gta 5 Car Accident and Jumps Gta V, Reach More Cut Content in Cyberpunk 2077: Center For Behavioral Health, Crimson Fists vs Deathwatch Warhammer 40k Battle Report Ep 65, Warhammer 40k – Astra Militarum – Battleforce unboxing, Types of people portrayed by Minecraft #6, WE BEAT THE MEDIUM MAP!!!! The shield from holding E scales with HP. SUBSCRIBE PLEASE & LIKE PLEASE LEAVE A ” [ T H I C C ] ” IN THE COMMENTS! Tap E to instantly slash in front of her dealing electro damage2. Let’s take a look at some build options. PLAYSTATION 5 RESTOCKING NEWS FOR TARGET AMAZON WALMART TOMORROW? by Gobelyn. Beidou Genshin Impact sendiri mampu menjadi DPS, maupun support tambahan di dalam tim. Genshin Impact Bennett Build: Best Weapon & Artifact⇓ Bennett Role: DPS/Support; Bennett Build Focus: Boosts DPS by equipping best weapons and artifacts to Bennett – read the below build guide to check what weapons and artifacts are the best ones for Bennett; Best Weapons For Bennett In Genshin Impact⇓ Recommended best weapons for Bennett While Electro users like Fischl outrank her on most character tier lists, Beidou can still be a hard-hitting member of any team. Damage yang dihasilkan Beidou dapat menjadi sangat tinggi ketika mengatur waktu untuk melancarkan serangan balik dengan tepat dari skill elementalnya, Tidecaller, setelah Anda membuka talent pasif ke-1 dan ke-2. October 10, 2020. This will forcibly release the E and you WILL TAKE THE EXCESS DAMAGE3. Guys, do you think it is good to use Beidou as support with Fischl as main DPS? December 19, 2020. It is cruel but it is the truth. So, would she work as a good support for Razor? She is the Captain of the Crux Fleet. It's been dominating everything . Tectone: The hardest domain possible…Klee: Boom! BeiDou – China. Bye. there is something wrong or Beidou got buffed or something?" Cyberpunk 2077, male su PS4 base… molto MEGLIO su PS5! Diluc 2pc witch'sBeidou 4pc FuryFischl + 4pc Fury is actually nuts. Her claymore attacks are slow but can hit for major melee damage as … Beidou's Playstyle in Genshin Impact. You can build Xinyan as support or a primary damage dealer, and she performs well in either role. Jean Quick TL;DR Healer and Support Build Guide, Qiqi Quick TL;DR Healer and Support Build Guide. As for Thundering Fury, the 4-set bonus doesn’t really provide too much towards overall DPS, whereas the simple ATK +18% does, How do I get it D: ? how can this be the best comp in the game when you aren't using zhongli?? She’s excellent at setting up elemental reactions and dishing out physical damage, similar to Razor. The comps aren’t set in stone, and it really does rely on your playstyle more than “indefinite” for Beidou (since her playstyle is distinctly unique than other characters). ... Best Artifact Set, and Build Set such as Cryo DPS Build and Cryo support build. Beidou's burst … In this Genshin Impact Beidou build, we have shared recommendations on the best weapon and artifact that you can try and boost Beidou’s performance. I used mona beidou fischl and venti as my first team and it carried all the way to ar 45 as a f2p. i was like "why now? Thanks! APEX LEGENDS SAISON 7 HORIZON GAMEPLAY FR, Shadowlands 9.0 Launch Guide: Best Covenants for EVERY Class in PvP. This is my team I've been using since Childes' banner! Ningguang 4 piece archaic petra also works really well because elcectro shield from crystallize will give electro dmg boost. then i saw 2 new SacSwords in his inventory, great deal dude. Any catalyst user is also really good with beidou support especially against flying enemy because there's no need to aim. What artifacts are you running for the other three? Beidou is an Electro user, an element typically reserved for ranged attackers in Genshin Impact. Serpent Spine is also a great weapon, but highly recommended that you have suitable CRIT% to really maximize the CRIT DMG + damage bonuses it provides. That all adds up to a character that is built to be a primary DPS - a true damage dealer, and all Beidou needs before going into battle is someone else to lay the battlefield out. So we've established that Beidou has a great big claymore, formidable Electro attacks, and a very high ATK stat. PSA #2: Both Beidou?s abilities scale off ATK, but her E also scales […] Reports have also suggested that 70% of Chinese smartphones already support Beidou, while the Government has insisted any vehicle transporting dangerous materials (whatever that means) should also be available to the … Ever since players first set foot in the beautiful open world of Genshin Impact, miHoYo has kept us busy with new questlines, events, and characters to collect.Although we applaud the extra Waifus and Husbandos, that also means that it’s time to take another look at the Genshin Impact tier list. Source, This is the last video from my old house…. I have the exact same team! Wolf's Gravestone (ATK): Increases Base attack by up to 20/25/30/35/40%. I actually always done it like that with her. Royal Greatsword also feels refreshing to use for E (after max stacks), Debate Club is also another really solid early game weapon for Beidou, especially at R5. Hello and welcome to your new home for Genshin Impact! Nothing makes me happier knowing that my artifacts and weapon are recommended on this video after so many of my friends tell me I'm building her wrong THANK YOU. Xingqiu alt into Beidou alt is all I need except Fischl and Klee just make it even more crazy. Genshin Impact Beidou DPS Build Guide. Find Beidou build in Genshin Impact here including best weapons for Beidou from 3 star to 5 star, best artifact set, and best build as an electro DPS. Cyberpunk 2077 Turn Off Camera at Access Point Netrunner Shop. Best Beidou Builds. October 11, 2020. Alternatively, you can also just mix 2-set Berserker + 2-set Sojourner for early stages until you can farm properly for the aforementioned artifacts. We are committed to providing you with the best community and information hub for this wonderful game. Will that combo still work well? Zhongli has a lot of potential as either a support character or a powerful DPS, and in this build guide we're going to break down exactly what you need to make the most of the powerful polearm user Zhongli in Genshin Impact. They are both level 1 atm. Beidou is a 4-star grade character in Genshin Impact with below-average to average sort of performance in the combat! When this attack hits the opponent, attacks against enemies who have less than 30% HP remaining will increase all party members' Base attack by up to 40/50/60/70/80% for a duration of 12 seconds. » Genshin Impact Kaeya Support Build Guide. Tier lists really mean nothing in this game. An armed fleet means exactly what it sounds like: a fleet of ships armed to the teeth. Genshin Impact Kaeya Support Build Guide. I have C0 Tar, Bido, Fish. If TC rather want Beidou. This will give you a 10 second window of increased damage from your normal and charged attacks. Would this work with c1 fischl crit dmg build and c2 Bennett and c3 beidou and c0 ningguang with 2pc archaic and glad? expand me Outro: Blue Archive – Neo City Dive BGM: Earthbound … TL;DR Guide for Beidou . PSA #2: You can replace Mona for another electro user like Lisa or Fischl for the electro resonance, which is amazing when you proc reactions with Beidou. Nah buat kalian yang ingin menggunakan Beidou, lebih baik simak rekomendasi build senjata dan artefak terbaik yang bisa ia gunakan lewat artikel yang satu ini gaes! Been using C5 beidou with c1 childe since forever.So much more fun than playing boring diluc. Keqing with set for 40% dmg on elc targets says hi, childe is fine2. Hope this helped. Read on to know about the best Electro DPS build for Beidou. Build Beidou DPS Genshin Impact. Beidou merupakan karakter berelemen Electro di Genshin Impact dengan kemampuan menyerang dan bertahan yang seimbang. Could you show the stat pages for the characters on the team? Genshin Impact Beidou Build Guide, Check Out Beidou's Best Electro DPS Build Genshin Impact keeps growing in popularity with a large number of new players constantly joining. Untuk masalah ketahanan, Beidou sudah sangat mumpuni. Memiliki role DPS dan Support, Beidou bisa menghasilkan damage yang OP dengan menggunakan build Beidou berikut ini. So let’s not waste any time and check it out now: – Genshin Impact Beidou Build: Best Weapon & Artifact⇓ Beidou … I have the resources to level Fischl up to at least 70, but is it worth it if she is only C1? Man i dont have childe I'm really want he for my Beidou but Xingqiu better also, I pulled C6 diona without getting any beidou, Me over here soloing everything in seconds with a max talent c6 fischl: ok, sucross and beidou are really good to as a budget build if you dont have childe and the amount of swirls and aoe, Me who has one only benette: hmm intersting. @tectone lol!!!! Love this video! I'm new to da game maybe 2 weeks in so far I gat c1 razor n c1 Bennett n baidou . Works exactly like in the video! Cyberpunk 2077 – Official New Info About 2021 Expansions and Free DLC! Hold E to put up a shield that absorbs damage and release to dish that damage + more back to the enemy, Using E will apply an electro proc on yourself, so just be careful not to take hydro damage or you will stun lock yourself, 1. Seperti kebanyakan karakter yang menggunakan Claymore sebagai senjata utama, Beidou bisa kalian bangun sebagai seorang DPS. doesn't knows how to play some characters so they go criticize instead. I'd say pick Beidou. Haha, been doing this with Beidou and Barbara but didn't know that using fischl would help the ulti recharge this fast. Tapi baik sebagai DPS ataupun support, build untuk karakter ini selalu mengarah ke damage output. Straight up a reverse comp combo from the Keqing/Xinqui combo. China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System is a sat nav system that includes 33 operational satellites. It is intended to be a brief overview of the strengths/weaknesses of the character, with the authors own opinions on the best currently available gear to pair with the character. – Go slap some monsters and steal their chests, or any World Boss (40 Resin per run). Beidou's damage output spikes when perfectly timing the counterattack from her second skill, Tidecaller, after you've unlocked her 1st and 2nd passive talents. Been using that since i got diluc. BeiDou is also abbreviated to BDS. 6:34 typical noob's thoughts. It initially offered regional coverage but was being expanded to a global system from 2018. She excels at constellations two and four, but she is also effective at constellation zero. Electro DPS Build. Without getting into too many details, everything the Crux does is approved by the Qixing... more or less. The more HP = more you can store damage (but you don’t need to build HP)2. as of next video prepare for change!, diluc beidou quiqi and xiyan would be busted, Damn I need to get a Bennet and Tartaglia now. Beidou is capable to be the DPS in Genshin Impact, as well as an additional Support in the team. Beidou is the leader of the Crux - an armed fleet based in Liyue Harbor. Genshin Impact Mona DPS Build Comprehensive Guide. Besides her capabilities as a fleet captain and her immense strength, many in Liyue know her for her lack of fear towards the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, Ningguang a trait that the other woman appreciates, yet grows irritated by. Updated December 30, 2020 PSA #1: A DPS is the captain of a pirate crew. Day One Patch Updates! If you want other characters let me know. Beidou is a electro focused character and Xinyan is a physical DPS support. Taking 2 instances of damage while holding E will grant it maximum damage (caps at 2 stacks), Example: no attacks blocked = 200%, one attack blocked = 400%, two attacks blocked = 800%, Standing on fire, standing in cryo mist, or any DoT effect will also trigger the perfect counter, so it’s not all too strict in it’s proc parameters, While there are better electro-based supports, her Q actually allows her to become a rather standard “turret” support (essentially just swap to Beidou, Tap E, use Q, then swap back), How do I get it D: ? Genshin Impact Xinyan Build and Guide. The agency has also said that by 2035 there are plans to build and deploy a more ubiquitous, integrated and intelligent global positioning navigation time service system. SUBSCRIBE PLEASE & LIKE PLEASE LEAVE A ” [ T H I C C ] ” IN THE COMMENTS! Beidou is an Electro character in Genshin Impact, who has well-balanced attack and defense stats.