as you can see, there's a line where there is written "seven inches in".well maybe for me, but to be true, not mixed with malice, the man's genital enters Susie's genital seven inches in. Also look at his hand positions it is pointing to the directions of 9/11 and also close to the time it had happened which was around 8:50. Blood On The Dance Floor Fans Also Like: Relient K song meanings Evanescence song meanings Imagine Dragons song meanings OneRepublic song meanings The Neighbourhood song meanings Submit Your Interpretation Then comes the backlash and scandals and fame becomes his worst enemy "it happened fast". To know that woman is out to kill.” Is the line that says she got pregnant from the ordeal and plans to exploit that as well. The title “Blood on the Dancefloor” refers to MJ’s blood on the Masonic floor… Well Michael is obviously a Iconic legendary dancer and explaining he was gonna get hurt or something by the title is clever. He is wearing all red that signifies blood. When he says blood was on my side, the world of/pleasures of the flesh was working in his favor till he met this one.Its a very heated song and he makes a lot of cute sounds. Some observers have also notices a small pyramid-like structure to the left of the singer. I think its quite close to what Dahvie and … Jackson and Teddy Riley created the track in time for the 1991 release of Dangerous. This fuels her obsession in her thinking she has a chance with him. What Michael was singing about was probably being betrayed by a woman after seeming that things started to work out between Michael and this woman in this song. This put to bed a claim by some that the legs on the album cover were taken from a photograph from the set of ‘Come Together’. "Blood on the Dance Floor" is a song by Michael Jackson. Susie is just a normal average girl who is dancing then she sees michael and michael recognizes she has the number 666 and then shes got a knife which means the knife is used to kill all those she sees who are to go to hell so michal is tryin to say that he knows that hes goin to hell. I took it to mean exactly what it said about a man meeting a girl on the dance floor and her literally sleeping with him and killing him but I heard somewhere that it was a metaphor for AIDS. Printer friendly. It scolded and condemned the 11-year-old for promiscuity. Meaning and summary of Blood on the Dance Floor Bewitched music video? Michael wasn't stupid look at the album cover do you see what I see. Thank you, Pez and MJVibe. What’s interesting about Blood specifically is that it’s long been the subject of wild conspiracy theory and suggestion. Blood is on the knife.. well. So it's the risk they took. Following... As Michael Jackson fans, we are used to bad wax works of the King of Pop. Music commentator Nelson George, compared the song to material from Dangerous, such as the critically acclaimed tracks "Jam" and " Dangerous ". 1 Answer. This song is about the guy being deceived by a woman. lol at anonymous april 6th post. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. So I didn’t do the photograph for it and then later he called me on the phone and said he was sorry about Tokyo but he would like me to do the next cover and could I meet him in 2 weeks in the Four Seasons Hotel in New-York and I went to meet him and we had a drink together.“. comes and takes dahvies soul? A smash is a song that stays up there for six weeks," Riley says. Answer Save. Someone on StickyDrama wrote a post claiming that Jessi Slaughter had hooked up with the singer of a popular emo band, Blood on the Dance Floor. Much like the Dangerous album cover, the obscurity of the Blood On The Dance Floor cover created conversation and intrigue; something Michael had long enjoyed the thrill of. What does BOTDF stand for? If you remember, we shared creative version of Michael Jackson's "Beat it" and "Thriller" by Paweł Zadrożniak, an avid of old tech recreating sounds... Art comes in many different forms. Which is good to work with lol. song: "Blood on the Dance Floor", READ! He uses a sexual reference saying "Look who took you under with seven inches in" meaning that susie uses sex as a weapon to get what she wants from the men. It just ended up that way as it is more dramatic and gives a bit of more surreal of feeling.”, Asking Wilson about what appear to be broken chains around Michael’s wrists which were ultimately just thick bracelets, Wilson concludes “That was literally what he was wearing on the photographs. I’ve never told anybody until now.”. Definitions of Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix, analogical dictionary of Blood on … Find. Growing up in France,... Art comes in different shapes and forms and French artist Jerome Bourgeot is literally playing with those to create his paintings. Es gilt als das erfolgreichste Remixalbum aller Zeiten. He was still on the phone and the truck was still there. Blood is on the dance floor, Blood is on the knife. The girl strips for the redneck, dahvie appears, redneck shoots dahvie, dahvie dies, jayy (as Death?) The song is all about a girl trying to kill a guy she pretend to love during a dance The group's longest-standing lineup, from 2009 to 2016, consisted of Jesus David Torres also known as Dahvie Vanity (born 1984) and Jayy Von Monroe (born 1991). "Blood on the Dance Floor" was released on March 21, 1997. He is also oblivious to the fact that she thinks he is interested in her since he danced with her. 4 Comments; ... Song MeaningThe meaning is really deep, its about a bunch of scene small dick queers who want to have a drag party with their 8 year old friends while drugging them and Dahvie sticking his swoop haircut penis up another toddlers nasal cavity He's running out of New York City with buildings burning in the background. There is no hidden meaning in the painting.”, The city was set against the night sky, a decision that added to the mood of the piece: “I don’t remember them asking for it to be night-time. Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix is a remix album by Michael Jackson.The album is made up of eight remixes from Jackson's previous studio album HIStory, and five new songs.Jackson was heavily involved with the production of the new material, while the remixes were produced by other artists. In this video, he creates the actual pyrimid with the girls legs, and puts his head in the middle to signify the eye. Today, Siegfried is joining Roy for an eternal magical show in the heavens! The girl strips for the redneck, dahvie appears, redneck shoots dahvie, dahvie dies, jayy (as Death?) What I think of BOTDF is..a man has a dance with a woman he meets at the club.. And to him it's just a dance of course.. looking for a good time. (function() { A seductive force that promises things like "love and romance" The author says that to escape the world , all he wanted to do was "enjoy this simple dance"; to create art and have his art appreciated. Of course, we all know this never really happened. Menu Search. Could this be a sign also that someone wanted him dead. So much so that the very... Chinese fans have been actively placing Michael Jackson statues around the country. MJ the greatest of all time I believe "seven inches in" refers to the knife she used to kill him, leaving blood on the dance floor. But why did i hear that it was dedicated to sir elton john, This is another one of Michael's songs about women with alternate motives. Then he shows up one night at the club, alone-his boo is sick, mad, etc.,--and he ends up dancing with the jezebel. It was discussions in Perth where Blood on the Dance Floor came to life.”, After leaving Australia, Morrish returned to the UK to begin work: “This is early December 1996 so I came back to England and we had Michael’s commitment to put stuff together for Blood on the Dance Floor which was then released when he came back in summer 1997.”, In the studio, a smaller team was compiled from the HIStory crew to work on the record, pulling songs from the HIStory and Dangerous album sessions to become worthy contenders. I vaguely remember it now. Great informative piece about the cover of what is probably my favourite MJ album! New search features Acronym Blog Free tools " It was spurious internet gossip meant to slut-shame a … Look who took you under, With seven inches in. It's a perfect prediction of it. Merci pour cette mise au point au sujet de la couverture de l’ album ! “'Blood on the Dance Floor' has the vitality of an intelligence that refuses to be placated…It is a throwdown, a dare to the concept of innocuous Black pop.” – Armond White Some researchers believe that the “Blood” on the dance floor is Michael Jackson warning us that he would be killed by the Illuminati.. Only the photos from the specified shoot were used. Watson would go on to shoot the cover photo for Michael’s final studio album Invincible, but Blood was still without a cover and the team at Sony felt that with Michael’s hectic schedule, a piece of artistic expression may be more suitable. artist: "Michael Jackson", Abbreviation to define. Why is joe jonas at the end?! Oh and emo stands for emotionally sensitive! Blood on the Dance Floor HIStory in the Mix ist ein im Mai 1997 veröffentlichtes Remixalbum von Michael Jackson, mit fünf bis dahin unbekannten Stücken. You have to love mj for have much he really performed for his fans.. Haha. Michael had seen a piece titled ‘Sleep Walking’ by artist Will Wilson and inquired about buying it. / Can't stop the tickles / They call me Dr. Giggles / It's o-o-o-off the chizzle / Fo' shizzle Though something even he wasn’t aware of was one hidden secret in the album’s cover which Wilson revealed exclusively to me for the first time since 1997 – “I never told anybody about that” he divulged. i'm sorry to those who did not like this statement but still it's my interpretation.besides he wore a red clothes so that makes mean romance... All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. I think Michael was referring to the romance jealousy always intervenes, and people have such mixed thoughts of love. This album came 1997 so obviously before 9/11 However, it did not appear on that record and was minimally altered before commercial release in 1997. So the next time he shows up back at the club with his girlfriend she sees them together & is mortified. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) Not to mention the illuminating atmosphere around him, and the silver bracelets on his wrist...I can't really remember a time that MJ wore a lot of jewelrey, I could be wrong though. I think this song is just what it says & the idea behind it is that the singer has a secret admirer who is obsessed with him--like Fatal Attraction kind of obsessed--& who saw/met him at the club, when he was with his lover. that's the one what comes in my mind. But a business man in Brazil took it... OK! Though Michael often sported an armband in different colours, in western culture a black armband usually signifies a person in mourning. He described it as … actually he is 12 inches, but not the point i think that your theory on this is correct it is about men who are sex addicts and all that. Ephemeral art is one of them, especially body paint. Whats great about this song is that he tells us the size of his penis which I already assumed was that size because you could tell. What Does ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’ Mean To You? if you guys have anything on that then it would be awesome if you could let me know. The repeated parts, “to escape the world, i’ve got to enjoy that simple dance, it seemed that everything was on my side, it seemed to me like it was love and true romance, but now she’s out to get me....susie got your number and susie aint your friend, look who took you under with 7 inches in..” this all means he slept with her because he thought it was true love, but now she can use that to get the fame she wanted. abbreviation; word in meaning; location; Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA,random Word(s) in meaning: chat "global warming" Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada : T5A 0A7. The statues, a replica of Diana Walczak's work for the HIStory Album,... Michael Jackson has fans all over the world and we all say "Michael Jackson" with our little differences and language accents. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The song is about fame and fame's betrayal. That was the only directions I received from them.” Recalls Wilson. Unfortunately, it had already sold so Wilson produced a print and sent it to Michael. He always has found it hard to find true love because of who he is, and it’s hard to tell if someone loves you or has alternate motives. End of story. BOTDF is an abbreviation of the popular American Electronica group called Blood On The Dance Floor. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ Body painting is a form of body art where artwork... Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Just look on the back side of your dollar bill, you'll see the "all seeing eye" looking back at Peace all!! It sends the message that there are people out there who are out to use famous people so they can be in the magazines. Anyone tht leaves a comment like "What the! Unfortunatly, their popularity is usually justified by illiterate fanboys/girls who listen to them with an almost religious regularity; and the group are despised by … i didnt really understand the end of the video. Ive heard it was dedicated to my friend Breanne brothers but Im not sure on it yet and thats why i was wondering. If a girl gets pregnant she sometimes bleeds, spots the day after. ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ were Teddy Riley tracks and were born before that, maybe the Dangerous era!”. He was bred by William Purdey at his Greenfields Farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey. But could that same person that done 9/11 also want the King of Pop dead? This amazing timeless tune was about a relationship that Michael was in then he got his heart broken and the girl wanted him back just to kill him again. Ahem. I agree it is nonsense. Das Album wurde seinem langjährigen Freund und auch Inspirator Elton John gewidmet. The girl strips for the redneck, dahvie appears, redneck shoots dahvie, dahvie dies, jayy (as Death?) September 13, 2018 “’ Blood on the Dance Floor’ has the vitality of an intelligence that refuses to be placated…It is a throwdown, a dare to the concept of innocuous Black pop.” Favorite Answer. Look who took you under with 7 inches in" because that's how that disease is transmitted and also he says "she got your baby" because when you have AIDs it can be transmitted to whoever you're in a relationship so Susie also got his baby or his girlfriend. "He explained it like this: A hit is a song that stays on the charts for a week or two. Susie is AIDS and it says "Susie got your number and Susie ain't your friend. comes and takes dahvies soul? Diese verführt Jackson, bevor sie versucht, ihn mit einem Messe… Released while trotting the globe on his HIStory World Tour, Michael Jackson's Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix was an album comprised of eight remixes from his previous studio album and five new tracks. I imagine Mj may have known a lot about this lifestyle since his brothers and himself were musicians, and having the lure of easy sexual conquests..but then the women, try to have their babies and are really out to get them, emotionally, financially, any way they can. Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix is a remix album by American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson.It was released on May 20, 1997, by Epic Records, and is the second album released by Jackson's own record label, MJJ Productions.The album is made up of eight remixes from Jackson's previous studio album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I and five new songs. May 2020, Roy Horn passed away due to COVID complications. He described "Blood on the Dance Floor" as a "bleak reworking of ' Jam ' and ' Scream '". i didnt really understand the end of the video. Making Of Blood On The Dance Floor. “I have a cousin Matthew Hammond, he is the biggest Michael Jackson fan I’ve ever met. THEY DID THERE job! I vaguely remember it now. “Then I did some primary drawings and had them approved by Michael and Nancy and once this was done, I started the painting.”, Inspiration for the Michael’s look came directly from the short film he was shooting for the lead single, the title track ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’, which was turned around relatively quickly as far as Jackson videos go. "Susie" is fame . So the myths can finally be put to bed for once and for all. Michael’s “Invincible” album is a road map for his fans as much as The Bible is a road map for believers and keepers of the faith. Well, as i can see, its about a courtesan(Susie) who made a one-night-stand with the man(anyone can sing it but just the man who contacted with a courtesan). anonymous12345click a star to voteDec 10th, 2016 12:52am report. }; Relevance. On completing the artwork Wilson packaged the 15×15 inch painting into a box and handed to a Fedex driver. Meaning and summary of Blood on the Dance Floor Bewitched music video? Related Blood On The Dance Floor Links Official page Blood On The Dance Floor wiki Damaged video Blood On The Dance Floor twitter Blood On The Dance Floor facebook. MJ’s head with a Black and a White angel, alluding to ritual sacrifice. But, in spite of all this, Michael's character is in love with her and although he knows she is out for no good he can't let go of her or stop wanting her, that's why he says "I just can't take it, just can't break it.". To date, only a handful of the images that were provided to Wilson have been released, most notably used for the Xscape and album project and again in 2017 when the Michael Jackson Estate released one online to coincide with their Halloween compilation, Scream. and he got a child that is not expected or do we say "accidentally made" and now she got your number and the man feared that maybe someone can know about it by the use of his cellphone. 1 decade ago. She probably becomes crazed..chasing after him, angry and rejected. blood on the dance floor album cover meaning. kasey November 25, 2012-20:07 +1. I saw someones saying its also illuminati. This beautiful song is about men are players or sex addicts, who make love to feel good and escape their problems("to escape the world Ive got to enjoy this simple dance.. every time a hot man goes out he takes a chance... now he's gonna get it" etc)They take a chance every time they do that of getting attached to the wrong type of woman, the woman, who is gonna snare him in.."she took you under with seven inches in..." "Shes got your baby it happened fast if only you could erase the past.". Anyone tht leaves a comment like "What the! Meaning to "Sexting" song lyrics (40 meanings) IDGAF December 16, 2012-19:56 +3. Famed photographer Albert Watson was selected to shoot the cover photo in Tokyo, Japan giving the album a more futuristic feel, as Watson reflects: “Well, in the very beginning, I was to photograph him in Tokyo for “Blood on the Dance Floor” and I went all the way to Tokyo but when I got there and we prepared everything in the studio, he was sick, he had a bad cold and he couldn’t do the shooting so I came back and they ended up with an Illustration. MJ's Blood On The Dance Floor With Lyrics! I vaguely remember it now. Alone tonight Me here tonight 'Til it's all right Damn lover friend of mine She got your number, she know your game She put you under, it's so insane Since you seduced her, how does it feel To know that woman is out to kill? I literally put the phone down and ran into my driveway. So he probably knew it would happen, Blood on the Dance floor is about a girl name Susie that seduce Michael and then tried to kill him with a knife look it up and then with the video the knife comes in at the first part and last part of the video I think. Established in 2006, is a website dedicated entirely to Michael Jackson. Think about the title "Blood on the Dance Floor". Go to 9/11 Michael had a meeting at the World Trade Center scheduled for 8:00 but, he never showed up. Though Michael often sported an armband in different colours, in western culture a black armband usually signifies a person in mourning. Blood on the Dance Floor were an American electronic music group from Orlando, Florida, formed in 2006. Susie is a woman who is much like a man, where she loves to be with different men and then breaks it off to go with another. Blood On The Dance Floor – Bewitched. Michael Jackson wearing red (occultly refering to sacrifice) on a Masonic checkerboard pattern. BOTDF is defined as Blood on the Dance Floor (band) very frequently. Blood on the Dance Floor ist ein Lied von Michael Jackson und die erste Single von seinem Album Blood on the Dance Floor HIStory in the Mix. While in Perth Australia on the first leg of the HIStory World Tour, Michael sat down with European Sony Boss Paul Russell and Senior VP of Communications Jonathan Morrish to discuss his next venture targeted mostly to the European market:“The tour embarked on the European leg then on to Australia” recalls Morrish. They control our money and entertainment. The timeframe to turn the cover around was just three weeks: “Basically, they wanted a concept with him dancing on a semi-transparent dance floor with a generic city in the background. I agree with most, but also... Suzie is the Illuminati, that M.J. no longer wanted to play "their" game in entertainment. Why is joe jonas at the end?! Blood On The Dance Floor Fans Also Like: Relient K song meanings Evanescence song meanings Imagine Dragons song meanings OneRepublic song meanings The Neighbourhood song meanings Submit Your Interpretation var opts = { Not realizing he has led her on, while he's out on the dance floor with his true love, she works her way around to stabbing her in a fit of jealous rage before he can stop her. Strangely, the song wasn't even promoted as a single in the U.S. Riley says Jackson didn't mind in this case. In 2012, I wanted to put these ludicrous theories to bed once and for all, so I reached out to the album cover artist Will Wilson to discuss the piece. I painted the arm band while the painting was still in the box.”. In recent times, we’ve been asked to vote on things that will inevitably change the course of history. It can also symbolize love. what is the meaning of the song believe by blood on the dance floor? Look at album cove his arms are pointed towards 9/11 the skyline is nyc without twin towers and there is smoke in the backround. Ima Monster Lyrics: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six / Five, four, three, two, one / Let's go! And mabey some of the kids might just listen to green day. He seems very generous partner!”. The group's longest-standing lineup, from 2009 to 2016, consisted of Jesus David Torres also known as Dahvie Vanity (born 1984) and Jayy Von Monroe (born 1991). “I went down there to have a meeting with my boss Paul Russell and Michael about unreleased stuff which became Blood On The Dance Floor. As engineer Rob Hoffman recalls: “Morphine was definitely something we worked on for HIStory, (Ghosts and Is It Scary) Both were worked on for HIStory. Nothing has been added.”. oh yeah I forget to say I LOVE YOU MJ!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys this is just a theory I know it wasn't just those buildings that got hit. / Oh no! Der Song handelt von einer gefährlichen Frau namens Susie. He's wearing a black arm band which means someone is dead. Blood On The Dance Floor - Morning Star Lyrics. BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR Damaged Lyrics . Jackson und Teddy Riley schufen den Track für das Ende 1991 veröffentlichte Album Dangerous. @Emmy Wizz. READ! This article is based on “Bringing Blood On The Dance Floor to Life” written by Pez Jax on and reproduced with kind permission of the author. I know I'll never be alone I'll always keep you in this song No matter where I go You'll still be with me when you're gone I know I'll neve