By the end of the episode, Reid receives a number of postcards and a golden collectible miniature of the Grand Canyon from Diana. However, the federal government refused to provide legal assistance for Reid, because he entered Mexico without informing the Bureau, which broke protocol. Why is Spencer Reid missing on Criminal Minds season 13? Reid replies with, "I can't help it, I love dairy". On the jet, he is later shown to be feeling sick and went into the bathroom. Spencer Reid #Reid #Spencer Reid #cm #criminal minds #genius #gube #gubler #gublernation #gubloid #matthew gray gubler #mean girls #mgg #pretty boy #your hair looks sexy pushed back. Spencer Reid (interpretato da Matthew Gray Gubler; stagioni 1-15), nato il 28 ottobre 1981, è un giovane genio. "With Friends Like These" (Episode 19, Season 6) Get a good look: This point in Season 6 was the shortest Reid's hair got. Gubler tweeted that Reid is also germaphobic. Lila gives Reid what may have been his first kiss. Außerdem ist er der Statistikexperte des Teams. He later made amends with both Prentiss and JJ. Gender Reid behaves rather strangely when he needs to speak to the woman during the cause of John Nelson, causing Blake to come back and confront him after she dropped him off at a payphone. So you have to trust that they will somehow connect in your future." Matthew Gray Gubler has also commented on the differences between Reid and similarly odd character Garcia: "She represents everything he is not, she is very tech oriented and I would like to imagine he is more like 1920s smart, books and reading etc." Spence (by Jennifer Jareau)Crash (by Diana Reid) Spencie (by Cat Adams) Dr. Joseph Bell[1] Sir Percival (by Randall Garner) Boy GeniusPretty Boy (by Derek Morgan)The Good Doctor (by Penelope Garcia)KidBoy GeniusEinsteinMighty Professor (by Penelope Garcia)Pretty Ricky (by Derek Morgan) Junior G-man (by Penelope Garcia) Ha un QI di 187, una memoria eidetica (ad esempio, conosce il numero preciso degli abitanti di una certa città/contea, riuscendo persino a differenziare tra maschi e femmine, oppure l'estensione di uno Stato o di un territorio) e può leggere 20.000 parole al minuto. For the time being, though, don’t worry: Matthew Gray Gubler is not leaving the show. As he realizes this, the nurse looks back at him tauntingly, confirming her true identity. In "Derailed", Reid reveals that he is capable of impressive sleight-of-hand magic tricks, which he uses to trick Ted Bryar. He appears to live near the Van Ness Metro station in the District of Columbia. This, coupled with the fact that they both use pseudonyms to disguise their letters, Spencer addressing himself as Dr. Joseph Bell and that the caller addressed himself as Adam Worth, whom was the American criminal that Arthur Conan Doyle based the character of Moriarty on, prompted Reid to seek the help of Hotchner, and through him the BAU. Criminal Minds Season 13 Aj Cook Criminal Minds Spencer Reid Criminal Minds Jennifer Jareau 6 Photos Mindfulness Instagram Paget Brewster Chloe His season 14 status is something that will likely be revisited once you get to the end of the season — we gotta see if Criminal Minds ever is renewed for more episodes. It is revealed that she viewed the MRI scans of his brain and has suggested a course of treatment for his headaches. In "Magnum Opus", he is allowed to stay behind while the team investigates Bryan Hughes. (". Shaw, knowing it was Reid who caused the poisonings, targets him by revealing his status as a federal agent to the other inmates. Saved by Emily Marie. Reid was forced to kill for a second time using the revolver that his captor used to torment him. He was surprised to find one of his superiors attending the same meeting. Later, in "In the Dark", Frazier and Duerson attempt to recruit Reid and Delgado into helping them smuggle drugs into the prison. Er bezeichnet sich selbst als Genie. At the end of the episode, Reid and JJ go to the prison where Cat has been incarcerated in solitary confinement for six months, with Reid preparing to face her again. Spencer Reid Staffel 13. It is unknown if Reid has epilepsy, as the subject was never brought up by any doctor or team member. He is surprised to learn that her mental condition was beginning to improve, as she wasn't signed into the sanitarium as frequently and was actually allowed to have a supervised vacation to the Grand Canyon simultaneous to the investigation. Spencer sees a man look over a few times and has a hunch that this man might be the stalker that his friend is so afraid of. ("Surface Tension"). It's revealed in a later scene that he identified with Owen, and was also bullied in high school by being lured towards the football field and forced to strip naked and tied to the football pole. As a matter of fact, we almost wonder if you should just consider it an annual traditional that Matthew Gray Gubler tends to miss some episodes pretty early on in the run of a season. In "Angels", Reid was shot in the neck by Justin Mills while trying to protect Blake. Later in the same episode, Spencer lets some aloud some outbursts towards Morgan and a Texas PD officer handling the case in somewhat of a defense towards Owen Savage. Visit our. Meanwhile, Reid realizes Shaw has an extraordinary amount of influence within the prison general population, as Shaw had arranged for him to have another acquaintance in the form of Malcolm. When Baylor, whose true identity had not been exposed yet, ignored his objections, Reid slapped the syringe out of his hand. He has since become clean; in "Elephant's Memory", he attended a support group called The Beltway Clean Cops meeting for addicts in law enforcement. Reid smiles as Morgan's phone rings, apparently a call from Garcia. The mysterious woman, identified as Maeve Donovan, is abducted by her stalker, also identified as Diane Turner, and despite his efforts to rescue her, he watches in horror as Diane simultaneously kills herself and Maeve with a single .45-caliber bullet at the end of the episode. (", He hates hospitals due to their bright lighting. In "Zugzwang", Reid receives a collect call from "Adam Worth" at a payphone, only to hear the term Zugzwang, which is a chess term that describes the point in a game when a player realizes he'll inevitably be checkmated, and thus he has the decision whether or not to resign or play the game through to the end. It is a non-life-threatening wound, and Reid tells the doctor to treat the unsub instead of him. By visiting this site, you consent to have cookie data stored. In "Persuasion", when Cesar Jones' case came up in his hometown of Las Vegas, Reid calls his mother's sanitarium, intending to visit her. October 28, 1981[2] Spencer Reid has always been an iconic character and moving into Criminal Minds season 13 he’s also become a character at a significant crossroads in life. In "Aftermath", Reid seems to be the only team member who notices Elle's odd behavior, and confronts her; he gets her to open up to him but it does not stop her from spiraling out of control. After this, he says, "What if I started taking dilaudid again, would you have let me? Reid tries to alert the Butler and yell at his mother but is unable to stop the two from leaving. He appears to be well in the following episodes, though in "Coda", he is seen carrying a book about migraines. U A/N: I got quite a few anon requests for some Jeid placed around seasons 11, 12 and 13, so placed this in late season 13. Until Season Twelve, she resided in that same mental institution and Reid had stated that he sent letters to Diana every day because of the guilt he felt for not visiting her. In the end of the episode, he goes to see a doctor, who finds nothing physically wrong with him, suggesting it may be a psychosomatic disorder. Reid was the team member who was the most upset when Gideon was murdered by Donnie Mallick in "Nelson's Sparrow", even storming out of the crime scene in tears after Gideon's identity was confirmed to him. Reid later gets released from prison after the BAU manages to prove his innocence. If you think back to season 12, he struggled mightily in the aftermath of everything that transpired with him. This gives Lewis an opportunity to visit Reid and act as his personal psychiatrist since she has a Ph.D. Lewis gives Reid a cognitive interview; it is during that interview when Reid reveals he stabbed Nadie to death. In the second episode of "Criminal Minds" Season 13 (airing Wednesday, Oct 4 at 10/9c), Reid learns of his fate with the FBI. Be sure to preview the next new installment of. On Morgan's advice (who told him "chicks dig magic"), he performed an impressive illusion with a pen and a flier showing a police sketch of the unsub. However, the two distribute the drugs throughout the prison, leading to five poisonings (including that of Shaw) that horrifies Reid. The Season 13 finale of Criminal Minds will bring Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) back from sabbatical in order to save former FBI agent Owen Quinn (James Urbaniak). Reid is also worried about the fact that his mother's illness can be passed on genetically; he once told Morgan that "I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind". The older agent, named "John"[3], loaned Reid his one-year sobriety coin, making Reid promise that he would return once he earned his own. PhDs in:- Mathematics - Chemistry- EngineeringBAs in:- Psychology- Sociology- Philosophy (in progress) Reid suffering from a migraine in "Corazón". Supervisory Special Agent In "Dust and Bones", he mentions he is scheduled to give his first lecture after the team concludes the case of Desi Gutierrez. This tendency is somewhat annoying to his peers and they often verbally shush him or respond to him with blank stares. Why is Spencer Reid missing on Criminal Minds? Status 1 Summary 2 Guest Cast 3 Bookend Quotes 4 Trivia 5 References The BAU teams up with the International Response Team when one of their own gets involved with a disturbance in Mexico. With Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. (", His mother was a professor of 15th-century literature and read many things to him, including some of the earliest Valentine's poems (Chaucer's.