Every ball has performed and exceeded my expectations. This is a great ball to pull out in fresh conditions for pretty much any style of bowler. This is also a great option for budget-conscious bowlers looking for invaluable control on medium to light oil house shots. 5500 LSP Polish on Typical House Shot Skid Flip Ball Reaction: The Lethal Paranoia creates incredible length matched with a Lethal backend reaction. In fact, taxing your arm past its normal limits over and over could lead to the opposite effect and slower throwing speeds later in games. So the weight block that is in the 15lb Supra is the same in 12, 13,14, and 16lb Supra. For straight-line bowlers who also throw a bit slower, this ball’s high-RG core and pearlized coverstock keep this ball long before a sneaky back-end burst. 900 Global Truth. Accelerate your swing forward and push your arm to a complete follow-through. Accessories; About us ... Close. Asymmetric balls are usually windy and uncontrollable. Where the green tree is, there’s oil. In heavy oil and long oil. Firstly, it’s easier to keep a straight-line throw on track and pinpoint spare shots effectively with a more measured approach. By the third game, as the pattern starts to wear down, you may want to shift to equipment for Light-Medium oil because you will begin to encounter more friction and burn more fuel. See more ideas about bowling ball, bowling, ball. Type 1 Ball: The Rhino would be a good example of a 1 ball. Modern bowling ball technology has advanced by leaps and bounds to the point where a good bowling ball will do a lot of the leg work for you! Low-speed bowlers will also love how easy it is to rev this ball up in medium to heavy oil conditions. Side note - I am starting to only bowl in tournaments/sweepers and sport shot leagues, so I'm absolutely not looking for a house shot layout. If your league is the first to bowl on this house shot, you could use a ball for Medium oil, like the MOTIV™ Sigma Tour. Type 2 Ball: would be something like the Fanatic BTU (Better Than Urethane). You can get this ball very angular without too much effort. $132.99 View. Skilled Bowlers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Dry lanes will turn it into a glorified paperweight. I've been all Motiv since April and currently have the Rage, Revolt and Octane in my bag. Motiv uses the same weight block throughout all weights on all of their bowling balls. Get MOTIVated! So if you bowl. Without oil, your bowling ball would hit the lane, begin sparking, leave a burn mark and explode in the gutter. I have a friend that actually shot 300 with his Hyper Sniper a few weeks ago on a house shot - the outsides were really dry so he gave it a shot and it paid off! My intention for the ball will be to use it on my house shot leagues. A few shots of the final game in a practice session. The angularity I'm get from the Primal Rage and Octane allows me to open up my target lines that I've struggled to play in the past. The ball’s R2S Pearl Reactive coverstock is one of the most well-reviewed pearlized coverstocks to ever hit shelves. Q. Sometimes it takes a steady, slow shot to hit a spare right where you need to hit it. Bowling Balls for Medium-Heavy Oil Shop for bowling balls that work well on medium-heavy oil Sort by 900 Global Inception Pearl. Secondly, a low-speed throw usually means less exertion overall for a bowler. Every guy including myself, has some companies that don't match up to their games. It features a similar … Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball. It might be easy if that is what you are used to, but the investment in learning to shoot spares dead straight on all conditions pays off on sport shots. I always see the venom toxin and shock performing well on THS. The Hammer black widow bowling balls keep rolling out and dominating the lanes, The Hammer black widow bowling balls keep rolling out and dominating the lanes, The Hammer black widow Black/Gold takes the aggression Hybrid Coverstock, and pairs it with their most angular core, The Hammer black widow Black/Gold takes the aggression Hybrid Coverstock, and pairs it with their most angular core, the gas mask, to create a ball that goes long and then offers a strong backend, Weight Block: C3 centripetal control core, Workable and forgiving, the C3 Centripetal Control Core is a design that revs up quickly, providing a smoother change of direction downline, Used for Medium to Heavy Oil Lane Conditions; Reaction is Skid/Flip, Finish is 500/1000 Abralon, Polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, Item Package Dimensions: 22.352 L X 22.606 W X 23.368 H (Cm). It is a good ball. Right on the mark with your comments TDC. Motiv Deluxe Triple Roller. It’s an entry level performance ball in name but offers enough to be considered a mid-performance option in the dry. What prompts these guys to make such foolish remarks? The Brunswick Rhino is a go-to ball for slower bowlers looking for a change-of-pace strike ball on depleted and shorter oil patterns. Just one of a select few factory-polished reactive solid bowling balls currently in the marketplace, the Columbia 300 Chaos Black provides slower bowlers with ample lane length and a much stronger motion off the dry than the previous Chaos incarnation. The ball’s 1500 Abralon polished finished cuts through medium-oiled fronts with relative ease and stores the energy for ample hitting power late. With paced steps getting quicker and a free, loose swing with some added oomph, you can maximize your bowling speed and get to a desired speed range more often than not. Added: 11.18.2020 Columbia 300 Columbia 300 Outlook Solid Bowling Ball Our house shot is medium/slightly heavy oil, not real sharp back-ends and not a ton of friction to the right. It also gets lost and wacky on longer, more complex oil patterns. Motiv's done a great job of filling all of the gaps with their current line up. When there is a defined breakpoint on a typical house shot — you can your skid/flip ball. This ball will do absolutely nothing for you in the heaviest of oil conditions. Type 3 Ball: would probably be the melee jab, maybe it’s closer to a 4 ball. A slower-speed bowler isn’t destined to be an ineffective bowler. Columbia 300 Bowling Nitrous Bowling Ball, Red/Smoke/White, … The Torx weight block is a lower RG and higher differential symmetrical design that offers around five inches of flare potential. A house shot is any shot you throw while bowling on a house oil pattern, particularly your first ball of any frame. If you’re looking for the best bowling ball for slow speed, you’re likely worried that such a ball isn’t going to make much of an overall difference. Those worries are misplaced. I hope you love the motion this ball makes as much as I enjoyed throwing it. The average league bowler will totally dominate a fresh house shot using the 2Cruel. This comes in handy on long league nights where heavy effort throws early could lead to decreased efficacy as the night wears on. You’re going to get some great play life out of it. That’s par for the course with an entry level performance ball, but it needs to be noted for those who need a bit more sharpness on the back end. This MOTIV® website includes information on various high performance bowling balls, including the Jackal Ghost, Venom Shock, United Revolt, Octane Carbon, Forza SS, and more. usually attempt to release a ball at 20-22 mph. If you’re looking to increase your bowling ball speed, first look to your footwork. I can now move further left to to effectively play the deeper inside lines. « Reply #2 on: August 05, 2014, 12:12:17 AM ». Alright, what does a house shot look like? This is the only company that uses that same weight block throughout the different weights. Simply put, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The less effort expended per shot, the more shots you can make without crashing. Without enough oil to work with, the Columbia 300 Chaos Black become utter chaos in the worst way. A house shot, know as a THS, is commonly referred to as a christmas tree pattern. I like the fact that it's not glass shiny - plastic balls like that tend to hydroplane a bit much. Selecting The Proper Ball (Part 1 - Intro) Selecting The Proper Ball (Part 2 - Types of Bowlers) Selecting The Proper Ball (Part 3 - Beginner Bowler) Selecting The Proper Ball (Part 4 - League Bowler) Selecting The Proper Ball (Part 5 - Tournament Bowler) Selecting The Proper Ball (Part 6 - Ball Maintenance) The Importance of a Good Mental Game While lower-speed bowlers may struggle to get the same pin carry and violent pin impacts as other bowlers, they definitely can make up for it on spare shots. This is the 3rd time Motiv has used the Oblivion core which has quickly become known for its hitting power and ability to throw pins around. This ball dominates medium oil patterns with a fiery off-kilter sensibility. From strong oil pieces to skid flip to urethane, it's all around pretty good. 11 Motiv Venom Cobra – Best Reactive Bowling Ball. There are very few duds in their lineup, IMO. In a sport league,or you are bowling in tournaments where you will be bowling in heavy oil. Slower-speed bowlers need pinpoint control to get the pin carry they desire, and the Storm Hy-Road is the perfect reactive hybrid bowling ball to provide just that. with pin impact speeds at around 17 to 18 mph. Next, we have The Motiv Venom Cobra does attacks quickly just lie a hasty snake. Imagine a big christmas tree laid down and outlined on the lanes. The Storm !Q Tour Emerald is all about continuation on the back end to and through the pins. It’s especially great at staying and strong before a top-tier breakpoint reaction. The Black Widow’s Gas Mask core is one of the most proven and beloved asymmetrical core designs on the market today. You can sort this table by clicking on the header row of any column. Hammer Bowling Products Black Widow Bowling Ball- Black/Gold, 13lbs, Brunswick Rhino Cobalt/Aqua/Teal Bowling Ball Cobalt/Teal/Aqua, 11lbs, Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Black/Silver, 12lb), Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, Black/Blue/Silver, 14 lb, Differential: .058 (Medium-High) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare, This bowling ball ships undrilled with no holes unless you add Drilling services. Our list of the Top 6 Bowling Balls for Slow Speed in 2019 will give you a detailed look at the half-dozen balls which we’re convinced can take slower bowlers’ games to the next level. I realize this isn't the first time it's happened and certainly won't be the last, but I never fail to be amazed by the idiots who come on here and bash a companies product when the poster has only asked for a ball that may best fit them, from that company, on the condition they plan to use it on. It's an entry-level reactive ball, not really that strong, and still hooks some. / Black, Silver Pearl / Black, Hot Pink Pearl / Blue, Dark Blue Pearl / Enchanted Black, Teal, Silver Hybrid / Kelly Green Sparkle Pearl / Purple, Steel Blue Pearl / Red, White, Blue Pearl. The ball, with an RG of 2.68 and a differential of 0.10 stands out as one of the most smartly engineered Motiv bowling balls available in the market. Instead of just throwing harder, loosen your arm swing and swing the ball to the top of your range as quickly as you comfortably can. If you are just looking for a ball for your house league maybe try a different ball. The Storm Hy-Road reads the middle of the lane better than any Storm bowling ball we’ve played with. Those looking for distinct and powerful changes in direction at the breakpoint need not apply. In heavily oiled lanes, it gains momentum quickly, flips hard, and establishes the continuation through downlane and the pins. While there are definitely inherent limitations to throwing a ball at a slow speed, there are a few advantages to be had. The Brunswick Rhino offers ample length and strength in dry and medium-dry oil conditions. In the bag [MBT, '15 Respect, Teal HB, WH Badger, Boost, Boo-Yah]. If you want something that will be a little more even, maybe a Sigma Sting, but the Rage would definitely be my first suggestion. If you throw a low friction ball like plastic end-over-end, it will not matter what condition you throw at. This ball will dominate medium oil patterns and can get through fresh fronts with little to no energy expended.